Monday, November 28, 2016

16 October 1967 Letter

This is a letter from my maternal uncle to my paternal aunt.  He wrote it while stationed in Vietnam on 16 October 1967.  My aunt received it on 24 October 1967.

He mentioned my dad's visit home on leave from the army.  My uncle joked that it was a two hard weeks with my aunt and my mom around and that my dad would be ready to get back to the army life.  He also joked about Vietnam, calling it "The big Southeast Asia summer resort area."  And how "everyone is going there this year.  It's where all the action is."  In reality, he was looking forward to coming home the following September and getting out of the army.  Sadly, he would die in combat less than two months later.

Paul "Ozzie" Branyan's Memorial Page
Virtual Vietnam Veterans War Memorial Page for Paul "Ozzie" Branyan

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