Sunday, June 11, 2017

It's A Kodak Moment

At any given family function, you could find my paternal uncle with his camera telling someone, "It's a Kodak moment," and then take their picture.  He loved capturing the fun moments of family time.  And as time goes on, I appreciate it more and more.  For one, it puts faces with names and photos with different events.  Not to mention all the photos are a family historian's dream.  But most importantly for me, I get to see things from his perspective, whether I was at the even or not.  I see what moments and events he found were worth capturing and remembering.

This is a photo of him at a picnic at his sister's (my aunt's) house in Bear, Delaware in 1993, maybe Memorial Day weekend.  His camera is in his hand, ever ready for that next Kodak moment.  Maybe someday I will find the photo he just took or was going to take and will be able to see this moment from his perspective.

James Odgers
This is YOUR Kodak moment, Uncle Jim.

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