Monday, July 2, 2018

Fishing Awards

The R.J. Schaefer Fishing Contest began in 1946 and ended in the mid-1970's.   It was run by F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Company and was very popular with fishermen along the east coast of the United
States.  Fishing club and individual awards were given.  The fishing clubs competed with each other for the sum total of the weight of all the fish entered by it's members.  Anglers were awarded points for each fish weighed on official scales.  For instance, one point per pound would be awarded for bass that were caught from a boat, and two points per pound would be awarded for bass that were caught from the shore.

I have found two awards that belonged to my paternal grandfather.  They are both most valuable angler awards from 1971.  I know that my grandfather loved to fish and I imagine the contest would have fuled his passion.  I would love to know how he received the two awards.  I believe these were awarded for individual fish that he caught that were over a certain amount of poundage.  Maybe someday I will find the documentation that came with them.

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