Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Physician's Affidavit of March 30, 1893

This Physician's Affidavit is part of my paternal 3rd great-grandfather's Civil War Pension File.  It was filed on March 30, 1893.  It was 28 years after the end of the war and he was 59 years old.  His doctor was testifying in his case to get a Civil War Pension from the United States Government.

The Affidavit states:

That he is a practicing physician, and has been acquainted with the above-named soldier for about eleven years, and that for four years he lived next door to him, and for eleven years has been a near neighbor and on friendly terms with him and his family.
That after a careful examination as to his present condition, I certify as follows
He suffers from Right-Hernia, necessitating that wearing of a Tress constantly.
Total loss of sight of left eye and sight of right eye very imperfect, with continually increasing dimness of vision.
Varicose veins affecting entire inner portion of right leg from hip to ankle, and is compelled to wear a canvass jacket over same to enable him to walk.  A portion of left leg also affected with the same.
For over ten years past he has been a sufferer from swollen limbs and severe cramps caused by Rheumatism.
He was compelled to give up his business over four years ago on account of imperfect sight and being unable to walk caused by the said Varicose Veins and Rheumatism.  Has  been unable to perform any labor since.

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