Friday, March 25, 2016

Pictures of Christmases Past

I love Christmas pictures.  Just ask anyone who has had to stand in front of my Christmas tree and have their picture taken on Christmas Eve.  There is something so special when I look at those pictures and study the subtle changes that have occurred through the years.

It's even more alluring to look at family Christmas pictures that were taken before I was born.  I study every detail.  The Christmas tree, the ornaments, the presents under the tree, the decorations that are on the tables and walls...Everything!  How are family traditions the same?  How are they different?  What was the favorite present that year?  What kind of food were they eating?  My questions are endless.

Flashback to Christmas 1964...

This is my paternal aunt, at 13 years old, standing in front of her Christmas tree in her family home in New Castle, Delaware.  She is probably posing in a new outfit.  Maybe even showing off her new jewelry.  A picture that seems so simple is such a treasure.  It's all in how we see the details.

It's pictures like this that will keep me insisting that everyone get their picture taken in front of the Christmas tree every year.

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