Tuesday, May 28, 2019

General Affidavit of 29 May 1891

This General Affidavit, dated 29 May 1891, is one of the forms found in my paternal third great-grandfather's Civil War Pension file.  He would have signed it under oath in the presence of a notary public.

The affidavit states:
"I am the above mentioned claimant and in answer to the Department call would state that I have not been in the Military or Naval service since July 31 - 1865."
This was filed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his hometown, when he was 60 years old - just over 13 years before his death.  At this time, he was living at 1416 South 15th Street.  His lawyer at the time of this affidavit filing was W. V. Sickel.

Monday, May 13, 2019

No. 806945

This Civil War Application was filed on 25 April 1908 by my third great-grandmother, who had been a widow for nearly four years.  She was now living at 1201 East Chelten Avenue in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It appears she had moved about 11 miles away from where she and my third great-grandfather had lived, 1416 South 15th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This document states the facts that my third great-grandfather was in Company I of the 215 Pennsylvania Infantry and he died at Norristown, Pennsylvania on 30 April 1904.  It also lists that there were two other previous claim numbers.

The note on here seems to state that the attorney representing my third great-grandmother, a Mr. W. V. Sickel, was contacted to find out if she agreed to abandon her former June Act Claim.  That would have been the Act of June 27, 1890.  It was an act that was signed into law by President Benjamin Harrison.  At that time, she was entitled to $8 a month.  The Act of April 19, 1908 was also an act that increased the pension of widows and minor children of soldiers of the Civil War and other wars.  It looks like my third great-grandmother was filing for an increase in the monthly amount she received from the United States Government, being a widow of a Civil War veteran.

Bills of Repairs September 24,1904

 This cover sheet is found in the Civil War Pension File of my paternal third great-grandfather.  The bills were submitted by a pension atto...