Sunday, July 31, 2016

Diane Jumping in Pool

My granny always told me to make sure that I wrote the names of people in a photo on the back of it, because I may know who is in the photo now, but some time in the future when I go to look at the photo, I may forget who those people were.  She was so right!  And I am glad I took what she said to heart.  I have painstakingly taken the time to write on the back of every photo I have...and it's a lot.

I think about my granny's words every time I look through the old photos that I have.  I am always so excited when there are names and, even more excited, when there are dates and places.  It makes things so easy for me.

Recently, I came across a photo that made me think of the advice that my granny gave to me, and I had to laugh.  It is a photo of my paternal aunt that was taken at the home of my great-aunt and uncle during a Labor Day weekend picnic, a family tradition.  It's a great action shot taken with a Polaroid camera of her jumping into the pool.  The date, September 3, 1978, is written on it...Score!!!  But the best is what is written above it, "Diane jumping in pool."  Just looking at it, it is obvious that she is jumping in the pool.  I guess someone wanted to make sure it was know that it was her that was doing the jumping.

I am thankful for the details...and the laugh!

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