Tuesday, September 13, 2016

School Pictures

Today was school picture day in our house.  It got me thinking about all of the school pictures I have.  Not only my children's, but all of mine, family, friends, and friend's children.  They are always fun to look at and compare from year to year.  How many arguments were there about what to wear and how to style hair?  There are so many stories behind those smiles.

One thing I noticed is how few of these pictures have anything written on the back of them.  How old were the children in them?  What grade were they in?  What school did they attend?  Little details that were common knowledge to the people looking at those pictures at that time, but big missing details today.

This has made me be very conscientious about putting details on the back of my children's school pictures.  It also gets me excited about putting the pieces of the school picture puzzle together for all of the others that I have.

Diane Odgers Veasey
(1951 - 2002)

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