Monday, June 17, 2019

General Affidavit of 25 November 1901

This General Affidavit is a part of my paternal third great-grandfather's Civil War Pension File.  It was filed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania so that he could get an increase in his pension.

The Affidavit States:

Affiant states that he is the identical person who is applying for increase pension by ctf * 700375 and in answer to the Commissioner of Pensions letter wherein he is required to state under oath as to when, where and under what circumstances he incurred left inguinal hernia
Affiant states that he received the left inguinal hernia in the spring of 1865.
Affiant states that he incurred left inguinal hernia at Fort Delaware
Affiant states that he incurred the left inguinal hernia under the following circumstances, while hauling powder at Fort Delaware, the cart was upset, and the shaft struck him in the groin causing left inguinal hernia
Affiant states that the above is a true statement of when where and how he incurred left inguinal hernia and that it was in no way due to vicious habits on his own part or on the part of any other person.
At the time of this filing, my third great-grandfather was 72 years old and living at 1415 South 15th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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