Tuesday, May 31, 2016

One Forgotten Piece of Paper - Three Notes

I found this piece of paper in a Girl Scout Handbook that belonged to my aunt.  It looks like she had to keep track of her activities.  She spent 11 hours shopping at the shopping center at the Cross Road Center.  (That seems like a lot of shopping!)  She spent four and a half hours babysitting at the home of her mother's friend.  She spent one hour cleaning the cellar in her home.  And she spent 48 hours cleaning the attic in her home.  This all came to a total of 64 and a half hours.  I wonder over how long of a period she kept track of these activities.

The first note on the back of the paper looks like it contains a time and place she had to be, maybe for some Girl Scout activity.  The address belongs to a home in New Castle, Delaware.  She wrote Saturday, 1:00 a.m.  I'm thinking she meant to write p.m.  She even drew a little diagram of where she needed to be.

The last note looks like she jotted down some things she needed to do on her own time.  When I looked in the handbook on page 473, she had little check marks at numbers two (Pantomime good posture in several daily activities.), three (Have a health examination.  Make a record of the things the doctor advises and carry out his suggestions.), and five (Discuss what is necessary in a well-balanced diet for a girl of your age.)

I will never know if she even remembered that she kept this piece of paper tucked away in her Girl Scouts Handbook, but I'm glad she did.

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