Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Declaration For Increase Of Pension Form of 19 July 1900

This Declaration For Increase of Pension form is from my paternal third great-grandfather's Civil War Pension File.  At the time of the filing of this legal document, he was 66 years old and receiving a pension from the United States government of $6 a month for impaired vision in his right eye.  He was asking to have his this monthly pension doubled a month to $12, adding that he is now totally blind in his right eye, has rheumatism, and is suffering from senility.  He claimed that he was "wholly disabled for all kinds of work."

He had two witnesses to this claim, Willet and John O. Walton, both of 1940 East Somerset Street in Philadelphia.  Willet knew my third great-grandfather for 40 years and John for 20.  I'm guessing that John was Willet's son.  I wonder what their relationship was to my third great-grandfather.  This document does not state that.

Also listed on here is  the address for my third great-grandfather's lawyer, 2711 North 6th Street (6th and Lehigh Avenue).  The law office was just over five miles from his home.

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